Finworks is a white-labeled lender. We "enable" internet companies to provide loans to their end customers.

Our vision is to become the "AWS of Lending"

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Global Lending Network
A peer to peer network of lenders and borrowers to enable crypto backed loans

Margin Trading

Global Trading Network
A peer to peer network of margin traders with shared liquidity and upto 10x leverage


Global Bond Network
A peer to peer network of liquidity providers for non fungible tokenised assets

Disburse loans instantly with high approval rates.

We work hand in hand with our partners to ensure instant loan disbursements and high approval rates. Deliver amazing borrower experiences!

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You focus on your customers and we will deal with the rest!

We take care of capital, compliance, regulation, and reporting allowing our partners to focus on acquiring customers and creating the perfect product for them.

Finworks vs Traditional lenders

Traditional credit models

Traditional lenders operate on models which rely solely on traditional data points making them incompatible with new age lending products.

Lack of product offerings

Traditional lenders don’t have the right cost structures to support products like Pay later, small short term loans etc.

Technology incompatibility

The technology architecture of traditional lenders is not built to plug and play with modern FinTech’s. Integrations can take months to reach production.